The Sun reflecting on the Peace Monument in Virginia Beach

The Sun reflecting on the Peace Monument in Virginia Beach

On behalf of Sosai, Higashifushimi Jiko and Honbu DNBK board of directors, we wish to express our warmest Happy New Year greetings to you and we wish to thank everyone for his and her avid support and dedication given to the DNBK missions of the world.

As we face the bright New Year, we hope and pray the world will become a better place for peace and harmony for all people and all nations.
Humanities constantly face surmountable challenges in all fields, but we must remember we shall overcome such difficulties far better when we assemble together the united forces needed.

The Dai Nippon Butoku Kai has launched the great strides in making differences in the world communities through the classical martial arts traditions. You have been most instrumental in such noble efforts and we wish to express our deep gratitude to your steadfast and loyal support and contributions to DNBK objectives. Moving across the geographical boundaries, many teachers and students have touched thousands of people in their best ways they have known. People are constantly encouraged and driven to motivate themselves for improving their qualities of life through Budo art and disciplines. We are very elated to know that our humble effort is steadily impacting the people’s lives positively.

In 2015 March, when we celebrate the 50th anniversary of USA DNBK, we will be dedicating the PEACE MONUMENT in the Red Wing municipal park of Virginia Beach VA where we created the Sakura promenade with two hundred fifty cherry blossom trees planted over two decades.
The huge fifteen tons boulder from millions of years ago was found in the Tennessee Mountain past year and after overcoming many logistical hurdles, it was transferred to Virginia Beach finally last November. After many months of hard work and collaborations of many dedicated people, creation of this distinguished symbolic monument became a reality. This Peace Monument shall become a symbolic force of DNBK which is to show our enduring commitment and will for world peace through Budo. We will hold a special dedication ceremony of this Peace Monument along with tree planting ceremony at the Park in March 26, 2015 while we will have a full orchestra and chorus of Governor’s School for the Art as part of celebration venue. In commemoration of DNBK USA 50th anniversary, this dedication shall become a very significant landmark as we will hold the America Butoku Sai and Gasshuku in that weekend to share the spirit of Budo and everlasting friendship.

In 2015, it is also the time to prepare ourselves with full strength toward the 2016 Fifth World Butoku Sai which is the final WBS on series which started in 1992. WBS event had started in 1998 in the US as a special mission of DNBK for international division members, so DNBK members may join in the great celebration of DNBK spirit in Butokuden, Kyoto. Since the very first event, almost five thousand elite Budo trainees from Honbu and international countries partook in WBS. Fifth WBS in 2016 will become the end of such series in twenty year span. What it will be after 5th WBS is not known at this time. What we know is to actualize this grand historic event to the maximum full potential. Thus, we will ask every international member to participate in this splendid opportunity of lifetime. We hope as many members as possible to come to Kyoto in April 2016 and enjoy and share the finest ever of DNBK Budo spirit.

In the international division world and Japan, although we are apart by distance and time, our mutual feeling of great camaraderie and friendship continue to endure and flourish for years to come because of your tireless devotion and loyal support for each other.

DNBK is a very powerful and renowned Budo society in the history of Japanese Budo/Bujutsu and cultural heritage we have inherited. Time and situation is constantly changing in the outside world, but we as solid core of DNBK foundation will not be disturbed by such temporary conditions. You have been a major part of this core force of DNBK and we hope you will stand tall together with such great pride and honor we uphold.

The brilliant New Year is already here and the time will never wait for us. Thus, we shall move forward with great determination, perseverance, ardor and resiliency to actualize every moment of destiny this year brings.

We look forward to seeing all of you again in this year and in the future.

Best wishes,

Tesshin Hamada
Kyoto, Japan